Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ for Mr Gerard Verloop

Built: Thomas Elliot 1815 or 1819

Restored: William Drake 2020

During this project the case was restored first by Laurent Robert and later finished by Jeremy Gamlen. The wooden dummy front pipes were restored and re-gilded by John Brennan. The metal pipes were restored and lengthened by Shires Organ pipes in Leeds. The keys were recovered in cow bone.

Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 1
Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 4
Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 2
Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 3
Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 5
Specification: Stops left side: Stops right side:
Keyboard compass GG, AA – f”’ Sesquialtra 17-19 (GG, AA – tenor b) Cornet 12-15 (c’ – f”’)
Pedal compass, 13 notes permanently coupled to GG, G#, AA – G Principal 4ft Fifteenth 2ft
Flute 4ft (wood) Twelfth 2 2/3ft
Stopped Diapason 8ft (wood, GG, AA – tenor b) Stopped Diapason 8ft (wood, c’ – f”’)
Open 8ft (bottom octave grooved) Dulciana 8ft (c’ – f”’)
A Shifting Movement reduces registration to 8 foots only
The organ is cone-tuned to the Young temperament at 440Hz

Clare College, Cambridge

Built: John Snetzler 1755

Restored: William Drake 2015-2016

Case study & restoration report
Case study & restoration report
Clare College Organ. Cambridge
Clare College Organ. Cambridge
Compass GG, AA – f”
stops divided between h0 and c’
Pitch a 422.5Hz @ 17.5o Celsius
(Bass GG – h0) (Treble c’ – f”’)
Sesquialtra (17-19-22) Hautbois (8′, swelling)
Principal (4′) Cornett (8-12-17)
Flute (4′) Fifteenth (2′)
Dulciana (8′, GG-FF#grooved) Flute (4′)
Diapason (8′) Dulciana (8′)
Diapason (8′)

Christchurch, Spitalfields

Builder: Richard Bridge 1735

Restored: William Drake 2015

Case study & restoration report
Case study & restoration report
Spitalfields Organ in situ
Great Organ GG-d1, 56 notes Choir Organ GG-d3, 56 notes Swell Organ g-d3, 32 notes Pedal Organ GG -e1, 34 notes
Open Diapason Bridge Stopt Diapason Bridge Open Diapason new Open Diapason (16) Lincoln
Open Diapason Bridge/new Quintadena c0new Stopt Diapason new/Bridge Principal (8) G & D
Stopt Diapason Bridge Principal Bridge/new Principal new Trumpet 8 G & D
Principal Bridge Flute Bridge/new Flute Bridge/new Drum pedal on C (4 pipes)
Principal Bridge Fifteenth new German Flute new
Twelfth Bridge Mixture III new Cornet (III) new
Fifteenth Bridge/new Cremona Bridge/new Trumpet Bridge/new
Tierce new Vochumane Bridge/new Hautboy Bridge
Larigot new French Horn d0 Clarion Bridge/new
Sesquialtera (V) Bridge/new
Furniture (III) new  Temperament:  Pitch: 440Hz@ 20o Celsius  Couplers:
Cornet (V) new  Fifth comma mean tone  Great to Pedals
Trumpet Bridge/new  Choir to Pedals
Trumpet Bridge/new
Clarion Bridge/new
Bassoon Bridge/new
Spitalfields Organ new keyboards
Spitalfields reconstructed Great Flue Chorus

St Anne’s Church, Limehouse, London

Gray & Davison 1851

Restored: William Drake 2006

Great C-f, 54 notes Swell c-f, 42 notes Choir C-f, 54 notes Pedal C-e, 29 notes
Double Open Diapason 16 Bourdon 16 Stopped Diapason Bass 8 Grand Open Diapason 16
Open Diapason 8 Open Diapason 8 Clarinet Flute, tenor c 8 Grand Bourdon 16
Open Diapason 8 Stopped Diapason 8 Dulciana 8 Grand Octave 8
Stopped Diapason 8 Octave 4 Keraulophon, tenor c 8 Grand Bombard 16
Octave 4 Fifteenth 2 Octave 4
Flute 4 Sesquialtera III-II Flute 4
Twelfth 3 Cornopean 8 Fifteenth 2 Couplers
Fifteenth 2 Oboe 8 Clarionet 8 Swell Manual to Great
Flageolet 2 Clarion 4 Swell Manual to Pedals*
Sesquialtera III Lever Swell pedal 4 composition pedals to Gt. Great Manual to Pedals
Mixture II 2 composition pedals to Sw. Choir Manual to Pedals
Posaune 8 *Octave coupler
Clarion 4

GP England Chamber Organ

Completed in 2002

Photograph by G Verloop, The Netherlands

Stopt Diapason Bass
Stopt Diapason Treble
Dulciana mid. c
Fifteenth Bass
Fifteenth Treble
Sesquialtra I (17)
Cornet II (12.17)

Lulworth Castle Chapel, Dorset

Photograph by John Brennan

Manual compass: GG-AA – e’’’
Open Diapason (8)
Open Diapason (8)
Open diapason (from g) (8) (in swell box)
Principal (4)
Flute (open metal) (4)
Twelfth (2 2/3)
Fifteenth (2)
Sesquialtera (IV)
Trumpet (8)
Trumpet (from g) (8) (in Swell box)
Pitch A 430 @ 20 degrees Celsius
Temperament: fifth comma mean tone

St Mary’s Church, Black Torrington, Devon

Built: John Avery 1791

Restored: William Drake 1982

Stopt Diapason* (8′) *=Avery Compass: GG/AA–e
Dulciana** (8′) ** = Avery & 19th C.
Principal Bass* (4′) *** = new Temperament: 1/5-comma meantime
Principal Treble* (4′)
Fifteenth Bass* (2′)
Fifteenth Treble* (2′)
Sesquialtera Bass*** GG 17.19.22

tenor f 15.17.19

Cornet Treble middle c 12.17

St George’s Church, Edington, Somerset

Built: Henry Bryceson ca. 1840

Restored: William Drake 1982

Open Diapason (8′) Compass: GG/AA(as 8ve)–f
Stopped Diapason Bass (8′) Temperament: 1/5-comma meantone
Principal (4′)
Fifteenth (2′) Shifting Movement