St Mary’s Church, Kenardington, Kent

Built: Thomas Elliot 1815

Restored: William Drake 2020

Restored for Mr Gerard Verloop, Schagen, The Netherlands in 2020

Installed in St Mary’s Church, Kenardington, Kent in 2022

During this project the case was restored first by Laurent Robert and later finished by Jeremy Gamlen

The wooden dummy front pipes were restored and re-gilded by John Brennan

The metal pipes were restored and lengthened by Shires Organ pipes in Leeds

The keys were recovered in cow bone

Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 1
Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 4
Organ restoration - St Mary’s Church, Kenardington, Kent
Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 3
Thomas Elliot Chamber Organ 5
Specification: Stops left side: Stops right side:
Keyboard compass GG, AA – f”’ Sesquialtra 17-19 (GG, AA – tenor b) Cornet 12-15 (c’ – f”’)
Pedal compass, 13 notes permanently coupled to GG, G#, AA – G Principal 4ft Fifteenth 2ft
Flute 4ft (wood) Twelfth 2 2/3ft
Stopped Diapason 8ft (wood, GG, AA – tenor b) Stopped Diapason 8ft (wood, c’ – f”’)
Open Diapason 8ft (bottom octave grooved) Dulciana 8ft (c’ – f”’)
A Shifting Movement reduces registration to 8 foots only
The organ is cone-tuned to the Young temperament at a 440Hz

Clare College, Cambridge

Built: John Snetzler 1755

Restored: William Drake 2015-2016

Case study & restoration report
Case study & restoration report
Clare College Organ. Cambridge
Clare College Organ. Cambridge
Compass GG, AA – f”
stops divided between h0 and c’
Pitch a 422.5Hz @ 17.5o Celsius
(Bass GG – h0) (Treble c’ – f”’)
Sesquialtra (17-19-22) Hautbois (8′, swelling)
Principal (4′) Cornett (8-12-17)
Flute (4′) Fifteenth (2′)
Dulciana (8′, GG-FF#grooved) Flute (4′)
Diapason (8′) Dulciana (8′)
Diapason (8′)

Christchurch, Spitalfields

Builder: Richard Bridge 1735

Restored: William Drake 2015

Case study & restoration report
Case study & restoration report
Spitalfields Organ in situ
Great Organ GG-d1, 56 notes Choir Organ GG-d3, 56 notes Swell Organ g-d3, 32 notes Pedal Organ GG -e1, 34 notes
Open Diapason Bridge Stopt Diapason Bridge Open Diapason new Open Diapason (16) Lincoln
Open Diapason Bridge/new Quintadena c0new Stopt Diapason new/Bridge Principal (8) G & D
Stopt Diapason Bridge Principal Bridge/new Principal new Trumpet 8 G & D
Principal Bridge Flute Bridge/new Flute Bridge/new Drum pedal on C (4 pipes)
Principal Bridge Fifteenth new German Flute new
Twelfth Bridge Mixture III new Cornet (III) new
Fifteenth Bridge/new Cremona Bridge/new Trumpet Bridge/new
Tierce new Vochumane Bridge/new Hautboy Bridge
Larigot new French Horn d0 Clarion Bridge/new
Sesquialtera (V) Bridge/new
Furniture (III) new  Temperament:  Pitch: 440Hz@ 20o Celsius  Couplers:
Cornet (V) new  Fifth comma mean tone  Great to Pedals
Trumpet Bridge/new  Choir to Pedals
Trumpet Bridge/new
Clarion Bridge/new
Bassoon Bridge/new
Spitalfields Organ new keyboards
Spitalfields reconstructed Great Flue Chorus

St Anne’s Church, Limehouse, London

Gray & Davison 1851

Restored: William Drake 2006

Great C-f, 54 notes Swell c-f, 42 notes Choir C-f, 54 notes Pedal C-e, 29 notes
Double Open Diapason 16 Bourdon 16 Stopped Diapason Bass 8 Grand Open Diapason 16
Open Diapason 8 Open Diapason 8 Clarinet Flute, tenor c 8 Grand Bourdon 16
Open Diapason 8 Stopped Diapason 8 Dulciana 8 Grand Octave 8
Stopped Diapason 8 Octave 4 Keraulophon, tenor c 8 Grand Bombard 16
Octave 4 Fifteenth 2 Octave 4
Flute 4 Sesquialtera III-II Flute 4
Twelfth 3 Cornopean 8 Fifteenth 2 Couplers
Fifteenth 2 Oboe 8 Clarionet 8 Swell Manual to Great
Flageolet 2 Clarion 4 Swell Manual to Pedals*
Sesquialtera III Lever Swell pedal 4 composition pedals to Gt. Great Manual to Pedals
Mixture II 2 composition pedals to Sw. Choir Manual to Pedals
Posaune 8 *Octave coupler
Clarion 4

GP England Chamber Organ

Completed in 2002

Photograph by G Verloop, The Netherlands

Stopt Diapason Bass
Stopt Diapason Treble
Dulciana mid. c
Fifteenth Bass
Fifteenth Treble
Sesquialtra I (17)
Cornet II (12.17)

Lulworth Castle Chapel, Dorset

Photograph by John Brennan

Manual compass: GG-AA – e’’’
Open Diapason (8)
Open Diapason (8)
Open diapason (from g) (8) (in swell box)
Principal (4)
Flute (open metal) (4)
Twelfth (2 2/3)
Fifteenth (2)
Sesquialtera (IV)
Trumpet (8)
Trumpet (from g) (8) (in Swell box)
Pitch A 430 @ 20 degrees Celsius
Temperament: fifth comma mean tone

St Mary’s Church, Black Torrington, Devon

Built: John Avery 1791

Restored: William Drake 1982

Stopt Diapason* (8′) *=Avery Compass: GG/AA–e
Dulciana** (8′) ** = Avery & 19th C.
Principal Bass* (4′) *** = new Temperament: 1/5-comma meantime
Principal Treble* (4′)
Fifteenth Bass* (2′)
Fifteenth Treble* (2′)
Sesquialtera Bass*** GG 17.19.22

tenor f 15.17.19

Cornet Treble middle c 12.17

St George’s Church, Edington, Somerset

Built: Henry Bryceson ca. 1840

Restored: William Drake 1982

Open Diapason (8′) Compass: GG/AA(as 8ve)–f
Stopped Diapason Bass (8′) Temperament: 1/5-comma meantone
Principal (4′)
Fifteenth (2′) Shifting Movement