New Practice Organ for Westminster Abbey Song School

>>New Practice Organ for Westminster Abbey Song School

New Practice Organ for Westminster Abbey Song School

We are pleased to announce that William Drake Limited have been selected to design and construct a new practice organ for the new Westminster Abbey Song School.

The official appointed adviser for this interesting project is Dr William McVicker.

Our challenge is to design an instrument that elegantly and aesthetically meets the specification detailed below, within the constraints of the setting, but with all the necessary musical resources for its envisaged use.

The above image is the front elevation drawing (as agreed in the proposal).

Specification (as agreed in the proposal):

Man 1, CC-a”’, 58 notes Man II, CC-a”’, 58 notes Pedal Organ, C – f’, 30 notes
Stop Diapason 8 (wood, bottom eve shared with Man II) Stop Diapason 8 (CC – f#0 wood, rest chimney flute) Bourdon 16
Principal 4 Flute 4 Tremulant to the whole organ
Twelfth 2 2/3 (CC – f#0 1 1/3) Couplers:
Fifteenth 2 Man II to Man I
Man I to Pedal
Man II to Pedal
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About the Author:

Joost Joined William Drake Ltd in 1989 and has been a managing director since 2013. Prior to joining William Drake he studied woodworking and furniture making in Rotterdam. This College education included two apprenticeships with Dutch organ builders, Firma Flentrop and Henk van Eeken. Joost is a fully qualified organ builder specialising in tonal design and voicing. He is fortunate to have 25 years of experience as assistant and voicer, working closely with William Drake.

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