About Joost de Boer

Joost Joined William Drake Ltd in 1989 and has been a managing director since 2013. Prior to joining William Drake he studied woodworking and furniture making in Rotterdam. This College education included two apprenticeships with Dutch organ builders, Firma Flentrop and Henk van Eeken. Joost is a fully qualified organ builder specialising in tonal design and voicing. He is fortunate to have 25 years of experience as assistant and voicer, working closely with William Drake.

New Organ for Chelsea Old Church – February 2018 Update

Voicing Videos We thought that for this month's update, as well as including some photos, we'd start with something different. Given that an organ is judged by its sounds, we thought you might like to hear a little of the new Chelsea Old Church organ.  The reed pipes have been [...]

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New Organ for Chelsea Old Church – January 2018 Update

Since November, work has continued apace on the new organ for Chelsea Old Church that we're building. The engraved stop knobs, department and pedal piston markers have now arrived from P&S Organ Supplies.  Effort was put into making the script as bold as it could be so that the stop names appear to fill [...]

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New Organ for Chelsea Old Church – November 2017 Update

Hot on the heels of October's update of our Chelsea Old Church commission comes this month's update. You may recall that last month we focussed on the bellows and pedal soundboards. This month we turned our attention to the casework and sub-structure of the new organ. You can get an idea of the work that [...]

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New Organ for Chelsea Old Church – October 2017 Update

We thought you might like an update on the Chelsea Old Church commission. We've focussed on the bellows and are just starting on the pedal soundboards.  As you can see from the photos below, work is continuing apace... The bellows being given their rope hinges We've made [...]

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New Organ for Chelsea Old Church

William Drake Limited is pleased to announce that we have been commissioned to build a new organ for Chelsea old Church in London. Chelsea Old Church specification The case design draws on English organs from the early 18th centuries. The new case is based upon an organ by the famous builder Renatus Harris, believed to have been [...]

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Westminster song school organ installation

The installation of the William Drake practice organ for the new Westminster Abbey song school is scheduled to take place between the 11th and the 19th of February 2017. The instrument has reached its final stages of tonal finishing and minor technical details are receiving adjustment. This exciting new instrument will be an inspiration for tutors and [...]

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Westminster Abbey Song School – workshop photos

We are currently hard at work on the new practice organ for the Westminster Abbey Song School here at the William Drake Ltd workshop in Buckfastleigh. We've taken a few photos of the work in progress - just click on any photo to see a larger image: The finished bellows [...]

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The cleaning and overhaul of the John Nicholson organ in Schagen

William Drake Limited is proud to have been responsible for the cleaning and overhaul of the 1882 John Nicholson organ in the St Christoforus kerk in Schagen (The Netherlands). The project took from the beginning of February until the middle of June 2015, during which at least part of the organ has remained playable for services. The organ has [...]

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New Practice Organ for Westminster Abbey Song School

We are pleased to announce that William Drake Limited have been selected to design and construct a new practice organ for the new Westminster Abbey Song School. The official appointed adviser for this interesting project is Dr William McVicker. Our challenge is to design an instrument that elegantly and aesthetically meets the specification detailed below, [...]

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