Since November, work has continued apace on the new organ for Chelsea Old Church that we’re building.

The engraved stop knobs, department and pedal piston markers have now arrived from P&S Organ Supplies.  Effort was put into making the script as bold as it could be so that the stop names appear to fill the stop shields in an almost historic looking way despite the automated laser engraving method.  The Brass pistons were machine engraved.

Stop knobs & department and pedal pistons 1
Stop knobs & department and pedal pistons 2

The construction of the keyboards from frames with guide pins to frames with keys with finely adjusted tolerances. The frames and keys are of quarter-sawn air-dried English oak. The keys are covered with Rhode Island cow-bone and ebony sharps.

Keyboards 1
Keyboards 2
Keyboards 3
Organ Builder Job

The Trombone 16 foot of the Pedal Organ is a style copy of a Hill example of 1857. The lowest 22 notes of the Pedal Trombone have leather covered shallots in the Hill style. The photos show the shallots prior to being cut open.

Trombone 16 foot 1
Trombone 16 foot 2
Trombone 16 foot 3

Information about the project

Please see this post for details of the project including the specification of the organ.