Voicing Videos

We thought that for this month’s update, as well as including some photos, we’d start with something different. Given that an organ is judged by its sounds, we thought you might like to hear a little of the new Chelsea Old Church organ.  The reed pipes have been pre-voiced by Dr David Frostick and are back in the workshop.  So we have three short videos where you can hear the pre-voiced Trombone 8ft c and 4ft c, the Swell Cornopean and the Choir Cremona.


The photo to the right is a leathered shallot with reed tongue.

A Trombone 16ft with the combination of wooden resonators and leathered shallots in a new organ, is a first in the history of the firm.

Leathered Shallot with Reed Tongue
Great Trumpet

This one is mainly for the organ buffs out there.  It shows that the Great Trumpet is 6 pipes wider in scale than the Swell Double Trumpet!

Reed Pipes

This photo shows Standing cases with Swell Cornopean, Choir Cremona, Great Trumpet and Swell Double Trumpet pipes.

Note the difference in scale between the wide Cornopean pipes in the left case compared with the narrower Great Trumpet and Double Trumpet pipes in the right case. The Swell Cornopean is an octave wider than the Great Trumpet.

Information about the project

Please see this post for details of the project including the specification of the organ.